Thursday, 11 May 2017

Three Yucky Reasons You May Need to Call a Drain Cleaning Service

Clogged drains surely rate as one of the most annoying plumbing problems you can encounter. Because water refuses to drain sufficiently, you are left to struggle through all the slime and bad odors emanating from the sink, bath or pipes. The reasons for drain clogs in the kitchen, bathroom, or toilet can be quite surprising or just the usual suspects. Knowing the likely and unlikely ones can help you fix the problem with the help of a professional.

Bathroom Drain Gunk

They may seem harmless, but dirt, hair, and skin flakes can block the drain pipes in your shower. When they accumulate and bind to soap scum that sticks to the walls of the pipes, they can result in a premium clog and impede water flow.

You can fix the flow by removing and cleaning the drain stopper. You can also use a plunger to unclog it, but if this doesn’t work, try removing the elbow joint in the piping and clean it out. It is hardly an uncommon problem, but a hair-straining drain cover can help prevent future clogs if not waylay them.
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