Thursday, 22 December 2016

Considering the Benefits of Energy Saving Water Heaters in Saskatoon

Are you beginning to dread the winter months? Energy bills for hot water, and heating and lighting the home seem to creep forever upward. In many Canadian provinces the government and/or energy companies provide assistance in the form of grants and loans, to persuade both homeowners and businesses to switch to using to energy saving appliances.

According to Natural Resources Canada, the average family uses around 75 litres of hot water every day, accounting for nearly 20% of a household’s energy bill. There’s no doubt that, the older your water heater, no matter what the type and unless regularly serviced, will be costing you more in bills than it should.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Saskatoon Drain Cleaning Pros on the Functions of Domestic Drains

Keeping your drains in good working order is absolutely essential, and for this purpose it is a very good idea to have the number of a Saskatoon drain cleaning service ready at hand. In order to explain why drains are so important to the health of your domestic plumbing system, below are some explanations as to the real function of domestic drains.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Saskatoon Plumbing Experts Remind Homeowners on Water Saving Tips

It is so easy to save money on your water bills in Saskatoon when you follow these simple tips. All of the tips below are ones that plumbers in Saskatoon know to use in their own homes as well. What is more, saving water is great for the environment. It truly is a win-win situation! All of the hints and tips below are things that you can get to work on straight away. So, what are you waiting for?

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Friday, 16 December 2016

Avoid Disruption When Plumbing Work Is Ongoing In Your Saskatoon Home

If you have called out a company of Saskatoon plumbers to address plumbing issues in your home, then they may need to switch off your water supply while they work on the pipes. There is no need to be vexed here, though, about the inconvenience ongoing plumbing work can cause you and your family. Simply follow these handy tips and tricks to ensure that your household can continue life as normal.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How Does Tough Limescale Deposits Impact Water Heaters in Saskatoon?

Limescale is a common problem within many Saskatoon residences. In fact, one common example can be seen as a white buildup on the inside of cooking pots and pans. Limescale is caused by minerals suspended in water. Some common substances include calcium salts and magnesium. While this can be unsightly, the fact of the matter is that limescale will damage water heaters over time. What impact does this substance have and when is it a good idea to contact a professional plumbing service like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd.?
 Limescale and Water Heaters: A Bad Combination
 We can think of limescale as the "cancer" of water heaters. There are numerous ways in which it can damage a system. One of the most common impacts is that it can slow heat transfer between different parts of the tank.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Saskatoon Drain Cleaners Explain the Common Causes of Drain Blockage

A blocked drain is a common household problem, and it can quickly escalate from a minor annoyance to flooding that can damage and destroy property, costing you money. You can prevent many problems by keeping drains clean and clear, but sometimes you will need professional help.
 Signs that it might be time for drain cleaning in your home include a bad smell around drains, difficulty flushing the toilet, or water taking a long time to drain from a bath or basin. Here are some of the problems that Saskatoon drain cleaners see regularly.

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Getting Ready for the Winter With Tips From Saskatoon Plumbing Experts

If you live in Saskatoon, we don't need to tell you how harsh the Saskatchewan winter can be on every home. Extreme temperatures, strong, chilly winds, and frequent snowfall pose special challenges to the plumbing system of any home exposed to these conditions. Being informed about how you can protect your home's plumbing system is an essential step that will help you winter-proof your property ahead of the cold season.
 The following is a list of common plumbing problems caused by extreme winter weather, as well as some tips from the experts on how to prevent them.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Reasons Why Many Saskatoon Plumbers Recommend Tankless Water Heaters

In the past, all water heaters required a separate tank to store and subsequently heat water. Modern technology now provides Saskatoon residents with the possibility to do away with such tanks. Why might a plumber prefer this option and what benefits can a tankless unit provide?

Energy Efficiency

It can be argued that the most important advantage of a tankless water heater revolves around its efficiency. Water can be heated up faster and less energy is wasted during the process. This is not possible with more traditional models. In fact, many studies have found that these heaters can save a family as much as $100 dollars per year. In other words, the unit will pay for itself over time and any up-front costs will be offset.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Time for a Change: A Primer on Replacing Water Heaters in Saskatoon

Nothing beats a warm shower after a long day—especially during the winter season here in Saskatoon. Warm showers are known to relax tense muscles, as well as provide a variety of other health benefits. This is why homeowners should make sure that their hot water tanks or water heaters are always in prime condition.

Unfortunately, even well-maintained water heaters will eventually succumb to everyday wear and tear. Although repairing a broken water heater is a viable option, there are also issues that may necessitate replacing your water heater with a brand new one.


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Your Kitchen Sink Strainer: Drain Cleaning’s Day-to-Day Essential

Calling the plumbers shouldn’t be your main tactic for maintaining efficient drains. As a responsible homeowner, you can do day-to-day drain cleaning yourself, while leaving emergencies and extraordinary issues to Saskatoon drain cleaning pros.

Oftentimes, this simply means knowing how to properly use, install, and replace a very simple tool: the sink strainer.

Know your type

The sink strainer is the basket-like, catch-all apparatus plugged into a sink’s hole. It helps keep food particles, other waste, and even utensils and jewelry from going down the drain, preventing clogging, back-ups, and other problems. The proper use of strainers starts with recognizing which type you have – if you do have one installed (and you should!).


Monday, 26 September 2016

Should I Hire a Pro? Three Plumbing Problems You Should Never Ignore

A leaking faucet may not seem like much, but it can actually cost you thousands of dollars in your utility bills over the course of a year! This is why any plumbing issues should be resolved by a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Although there are certain plumbing issues that can wait until a more convenient day opens up in your schedule, there are certain issues that you should never ignore:

Reoccurring Toilet Clogs

In some cases, a toilet clog is more of a nuisance than a plumbing emergency. When clogs occur often, however, the problem may be your toilet rather than your pipes. This is especially true if your current toilet is an old low flush model. When toilets clog occur too often, you may be at risk of an unwanted sewage backup.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Saskatoon Plumbers Reveal the Best Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Whenever or wherever you use water, you can always do something to conserve it. At home, there are three areas where water conservation measures can make the most impact: the kitchen, bathroom, and garden. Even a few small changes to your water usage can amount to hundreds of gallons of savings in water so each year. If you want to know what you can do to help the environment, your friendly Saskatoon plumbers recommend that you put these tips into practice.

In the bathroom

Turn on the faucet only when using it. This means turning off the faucet when you’re soaping your body, shampooing your hair, brushing your teeth, etc. If you have to wash your razor, do so in standing and not running water. Use a bowl or put a stopper in the sink when you shave.


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

21st Century Hot Water Systems: Technology Behind New Hot Water Tanks

Saskatoon is known for some gorgeous summers and yet, the winters here can be quite difficult to endure. With temperatures known to drop into the -30ºC, heating a home or an office is always a major priority. There is simply no room for a second-best water heater and yet, many home and business owners are unaware of some of the latest technologies employed and how these advancements can impact their quality of life. So, what do modern hot water tanks in Saskatoon have “in store” for the modern day consumer?

“Smart” Systems

One of the most notable benefits of modern water heaters in Saskatoon is that many of these units contain what is known as “smart” technology. While there are several prototypes that will be out in a number of years, this computerized advantage is available here today. Some of the windfalls here include the ability to control the unit in a way to reduce energy usage through more efficient heating elements.http://www.perfectionplumbing.ca/21st-century-hot-water-systems-technology-behind-new-hot-water-tanks/

Monday, 5 September 2016

Drain Cleaning Equipment: Some of the Basics and What You Need to Know

Although most of us strive to keep our drains free from dirt and debris, it is virtually inevitable that they will need to be cleaned from time to time. Some of the most common reasons that a drain could become clogged include the presence of food particles, foreign objects, hair, soap scum and even hardened deposits of grease. In the most serious cases, do-it-yourself products will hardly be sufficient. These are the scenarios when professional Saskatoon drain cleaners can be required. What type of equipment do they use and why has it proven to be so very effective?


The principle behind the average rod is actually very simple. It is a semi-rigid device made of metal (normally) that can be inserted into a drain and follow any curves of the underlying pipes. Most of these will have either a ball or a plug on their end. These are meant to mechanically clear any clogs that chemicals cannot treat.


Friday, 2 September 2016

The Saskatoon Consumer’s Guide to Hard Water Treatment and Plumbing

Much like other regions within Canada, there can be times when a Saskatoon residence suffers from hard water. Hard water is a term used to describe water that is characterized by the presence of dissolved mineral deposits. Some common chemicals include magnesium, aluminium, copper and calcium. Not only can these cause drinking water to taste unpleasant, but hard water can damage pipes over time. How can hard water be treated and what are some of the signs that it may be present?

Signs that a Home May Suffer from Hard Water

One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not hard water is present can be to closely examine dishes, glasses and utensils. Over time, these can all become discoloured and it is not uncommon for drinking glasses to exhibit a “foggy” appearance. Another method is to observe the condition of taps and surrounding tiles. These can likewise become stained. Some areas to examine can also be sink basins and tubs.


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Running Toilet: One of the Most Common Plumbing Problems in Saskatoon

Unfortunately, as many people find out, one minute their toilet will be normally working, and then the next it makes a strange sound. Most homeowners know that something is wrong, yet many just hope it goes back to normal after a few more flushes. The odd sound is usually caused by the water continually filling the toilet tank up, even when the toilet has not been used at all. Plumbing professionals in Saskatoon or anywhere else might refer to this problem as the “running toilet”.

Ignoring the Problem Does Not Make it Go Away

The majority of homeowners let this “running toilet” situation carry on for months, and sometimes even years without calling a licensed Saskatoon plumber in to repair it. Unfortunately, in many cases, people tend not to take this issue as the major problem that it is, thinking that it doesn’t really have any significant effects.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Dealing with Water Discolouration and Bad Smells from Water Heaters

Water heaters may encounter various a range of problems throughout its lifespan. Water discolouration and foul smells are two such issues that may occur. One misconception that homeowners have is that discolouration or bad smells mean that an appliance needs replacing, which is not necessarily true unless a heater is very old. There are several reasons you may be dealing with such an issue at home, and a Saskatoon professional’s help can save you a lot of trouble.


Saskatoon Drain Cleaning Pros Discuss Proper House Drainage System

The drain system in your home has important functions to fulfil, which means that it has to be in the right state always. Having drain problems such as slow moving water in the bathroom, clogged sinks or leaking waste pipes is not uncommon in homes. The inconveniences you have to deal with depend on how fast you get a drain cleaning Saskatoon service and how well the maintenance is done.

As a homeowner, you should educate yourself about what makes up a proper drainage system so that when something is amiss, you will know if there’s a problem with it. Even with the expansive nature of a drain system, there are some basics you can keep in mind.


Friday, 5 August 2016

Deal with Water Hammer Problems with Help from Saskatoon Plumbing Pros

Water hammer is not a rare problem, and you may find yourself dealing with it at home, making it paramount to learn the causes and the possible solutions a Saskatoon plumbing expert may offer. Plumbing systems sometimes make noise during use, but water hammer refers to a distinct sound that resembles banging or thumping.

You will usually notice water hammer when closing a valve or during washer cycle changes. Normally, water flow will have a steady even, sound so it’s not hard to tell when there is a hammer in the pipes.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Minimize Storm Damage Risk to Your Property with Saskatoon Plumbing

No matter where you live in the world, the risk of flood damage is becoming an increasing problem. Residential areas, which for years have remained flood-free, are suddenly finding themselves underwater, and previously untouched properties are becoming subject to water damage.

Saskatoon is no different; the arrival of heavier than usual rain storms or greater amounts of snow melt means greater surface runoff and a rising water table. Where there is flooding, of course, it means that there is the threat of the spread of diseases, on top of lost or damaged property. Ignoring the problem until damp patches start to appear on walls, or basements begin collecting water, or worse, can turn out to be far more costly than taking preventive measures.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Choosing Suitable Hot Water Tanks with the Help of an Expert Plumber

There are several variables to take into account when choosing hot water heaters in Saskatoon and knowing which ones are important in advance is essential. Modern water heaters offer several unique features. They are highly efficient, they can be purchased in a number of different sizes, and if the correct one is selected, a great deal of money can be saved over time. What are some critical metrics to consider? The Types of Hot Water Tanks Water heaters in Saskatoon can be broken down into a few general categories: heat pumps, solar heaters, tankless models, and traditional storage tanks. A professional technician can uncover the best options for your home as well as some of the benefits associated with their unique designs. Factors to Consider As you may have imagined, not all units are similar.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Saskatoon Drain Cleaners: Always Clean Underground Gutter Drains and Downspouts

Numerous homeowners are aware of the importance of having drain cleaning regularly done. Hiring a plumbing and drain cleaning service is the most ideal option when your home needs to have drains unclogged and maintained. However, there is still a part of the home that may not get as much attention as it should: the outdoor drains. Clogged downspouts and underground gutter drains are fairly common issues in homes. When there is a blockage in the downspouts or in the underground drains, rainwater will not drain properly away from the house. Depending on where the downspouts are located, you may encounter several problems when there is clogging. Cause of Poor Drainage Blockages in downspouts are usually from debris. During summer and fall, branches, leaves and other debris will find their way into the gutters. When it rains, all these things are washed down the spouts, which can result in blockages.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Explaining Hard Water Challenges for Your Saskatoon Home Plumbing

Hard water is a problem that a lot of homeowners have had to deal with at some point. It is vital to comprehend what hard water is and the dangers it poses to the plumbing in your home. Rainwater is naturally soft, but as it falls, it picks up minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese. The abundance of these minerals in the water is what makes it “hard”. The number of minerals in the water determines its hardness. Hard water is not hazardous health wise, but it can be a nuisance to use in the home. So, why would a homeowner consider calling a Saskatoon plumbing expert to fix hard water problems in the home? Piping Problems First of all, hard water can be very unpleasant to use. Soap lathers poorly when using hard water. It makes bathing, dish cleaning, and laundry challenging.

Why Hiring a Saskatoon Plumber Makes More Economic Sense than DIY

When minor plumbing repairs are needed, such as fixing dripping pipe joints or clearing a sink U-bend, hard-pressed homeowners may wonder whether to tackle the job themselves. In contrast, rather than attempt DIY, others prefer to let a professional Saskatoon plumber take care of the work. Burst pipes spraying water inside a home is clearly an urgent situation and requires an emergency plumbing service. If a pipe or joint has a less serious but noticeable leak, it also makes good sense to call in an expert before the part fails, causing damage and requiring repairs that are more extensive and costly. Can an experienced DIY handyman repair small plumbing problems? If a repair is relatively simple and straightforward, a do it yourself devotee may well be able to effect a basic repair, given the right spares and tools.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Water Heaters: When Should You Get a Replacement for Your Thermostat?

Does your thermostat keep tripping the reset? The reset button is a safety switch for the thermostat that disconnects electric supply to the heater if the water exceeds a certain temperature. The sensing button of the reset is always in contact with the metal tank. For that reason, it quickly senses water temperatures through conduction. If you get tripping problems with your hot water tanks in Saskatoon, then that is an indication of a thermostat defect. There are different causes of such tripping. Defective Thermostat If your thermostat is failing to shut off and allows continuous heating of the water, tripping will occur. Note that this only happens if the water heats beyond the set temperatures. Electric Water heaters in Saskatoon have two thermostats that are under access panels. Either could cause its element to heat the water beyond 180 degrees F when the reset opens.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Brush Up on the Latest Advances in Saskatoon Drain Cleaning Technology

There is no doubt that a clogged drain can present a very real problem. Not only will waste water be unable to leave a property, but unpleasant odours and even bacteria can likewise build up over time. Some recent scientific innovations and advancement in drain cleaning technology now allow professional plumbers in Saskatoon to tackle this issue with a greater amount of efficiency. Fibre Optic Cameras It can be argued that one of the most effective innovative techniques revolves around the use of fibre optic cameras to examine the internal condition of a drain or pipe. These cameras offer a clear view of where the obstruction is located and in turn, the plumber can remove it easily. As there is less guesswork involved with this method, the customer is likely to save a greater amount of money and time.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Future the Plumbing and How Plumbers Keep Up With Modern Times

Innovative products and services have become a part of modern life. Although we often hear about such advancements in reference to the electrical or automotive industries, this statement is just as true when referencing plumbers in Saskatoon. What does the future hold? The End of the Plumber? Many articles have addressed whether or not the traditional plumber will be out of a job in the coming decades. However, the consensus is that there will always be a need for the human element within this field. Although machines and diagnostic equipment have made most jobs much easier, fixing an issue will involve tried-and-true techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. It is highly improbable that robots will replace humans in this field of work. This is more fantasy than reality.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Avoiding Plumbing Nightmares During the Summer With Professional Help

Most of us envision the great outdoors and spending time underneath the warm rays of the sun during the summer in Saskatoon. So, any issues with indoor and outdoor plumbing tend to be brushed to the side. It is still wise to list a few tips and tricks which are designed to save the average homeowner a great deal of time, money and aggravation. Outdoor Concerns After the long Saskatoon winter, it is likely that exterior taps have not been used for months. Any ice that may have built up in the lines during this time could cause leaks when the taps are once again turned on. So, it is wise to walk around the property and activate any spigots that are present. Check for leaks before using them as normal. Otherwise, you could literally be pouring your finances down the drain.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Trouble with Water Heaters’ Pilot Light: Call Professionals for Repair

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to run a hot bath, and the pilot keeps turning off and messing your morning shower. Not only does a pilot light that won’t stay lit get your shower experience uncomfortable, but it also stops the furnace from operating properly. First, understand that the pilot light is the tiny gas flame that gives power to your gas burner. As much as a DIY process would save the moment, there are many reasons associated with ineffective hot water tanks. It, therefore, means that an occurrence of a problematic pilot light should be worked on by a professional. Understanding this will go a long way in preventing future outages.

Obstructed/Curved/Damaged Thermocouple

The thermocouple is central to the operation of your pilot light. Each time this device detects an unlit pilot light, the first reaction is that it turns the gas off as a safety measure.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Saskatoon Drain Cleaners on Why Drain Care and Maintenance is Important

The purpose of drains is to flush away all of the waste away from the home. Considering the fact that most of this waste consists of dirty water, food particles, hair, soap, grease, tissue and human waste, it is little wonder why blockages can often build up in sewer lines. In order to prevent such blockages, there are many precautions that can be carried out.

The main way to prevent blockages is to ensure that only water from toilets, sinks and baths is flushed away, along with any human waste and tissue paper. Anything else should be thrown in the bin. To avoid waste such as hair and food scraps getting washed away, it is advisable to place filters over your drains. Oil, fat and grease are sometimes poured down the drain and as they are in liquid form when disposed of, most people fail to realize that when they cool down, they congeal and easily clog up sewer lines. The best way to dispose of them is to wait for them to cool down then throw them in the bin.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Telltale Signs that You Need to Hire a Saskatoon Plumbing Professional

If there is slow water draining, blockages, or bad smells emanating from your drains, it is advisable to call in a trusted Saskatoon plumber. Drains clog over time, and the reasons behind the blockage are many. They run slower as silt, dirt, greases, detergents and foreign objects build up on the inner walls of the pipes. The blockage could also result from structural defects such as corrosion, subsidence, or roots. No matter the cause, the consequences can be destructive. A collapsed sewer pipe and bad smells are some of the after effects.

Given that you do not have the expertise to determine the cause of your drain blockage and the right tools for unclogging, it is necessary to entrust drain cleaning to Saskatoon plumbing services. Competent contractors carry all the necessary tools to the site of assignment. For instance, a blockage caused by grease or fat can be broken down quickly by high pressure jetting.


Friday, 20 May 2016

Why Hiring a Saskatoon Plumber is Better Than DIY Drain Cleaning

Drains move waste from your Saskatoon home to the main sewer lines, where it is disposed of safely and efficiently. If your drains are blocked with waste and debris, this can lead to serious problems and expensive repair bills. In order to remove a blockage before it becomes a major concern, it is advisable to hire a professional plumbing company to take care of the problem for you. Some people decide to take on the role of amateur plumbers and attempt to solve the problem themselves, but there are many reasons why this course of action should be avoided.

Harsh chemicals can be hazardous

Handling hazardous chemicals is a prime example of why you should never take on a plumbing job yourself. Many stores stock chemicals that claim to be able to unblock your drains, but they are not only hazardous to health but can also lead to the deterioration of your pipes.


Saturday, 7 May 2016

Home Water Heater and Hot Water Tanks: Key Components and Operations

Water heaters are important appliances in Saskatoon homes as they are some of the must-haves in modern living. As a water heater owner, you need to know what the fundamental components are and how to run them if you wish to take better care of your heater. The proper operation of these parts will play a big part in maintaining the quality of the appliance. Burner The burner is at the bottom of a gas water heater. It is what facilitates the heating of water. In electric water heaters, heating elements carry out the heating process. Thermostat The control of water temperature is very crucial in water heaters. Usually, it should be at around 120° C because temperatures hotter than that may cause scalding. The thermostat is a dial with a needle that allows you to see the temperature setting.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Drain Cleaning Tips and Tricks: How to Prevent Clogging Your Drains

Although professional drain cleaning services are needed from time to time, there are a few excellent solutions to mitigate the risks of a clogged drain. Clogged drains can be extremely frustrating and there are times when the accumulation of odours and bacteria may even cause some significant health risks. A blockage could be caused by a number of factors and yet, many of these situations can be avoided by following a few basic guidelines. So, how can property owners prevent blocked drains? The Issue with Grease and Fats Grease is one of the most common causes of a clogged kitchen sink drain. As fats are not water soluble, they will tend to accumulate in the pipes over time. Also, fats float to the surface

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Technology and Practices: Top Plumbing Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Thanks to a marriage of traditional techniques and modern technology, established Saskatoon plumbing firms such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. are now able to offer even more targeted services than ever before. It is not often that the plumbing industry is associated with cutting-edge technological innovations, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Through the use of turnkey diagnostic solutions alongside services based upon the discrete needs of the client, more targeted approaches are now within the grasp of any Saskatoon property owner. What are a handful of interesting plumbing trends to keep an eye out for during 2016? Here are some of them: A Focus on the Health of the Customer Certain areas within Canada are known for their hard water deposits. Not only can these narrow drains and affect the taste of water, but there have also been concerns in regards to the health of resident.

Understanding the Role of Your Plumbing Vents in the Drainage System

The plumbing system in your home is more than just the kitchen sink, toilet, and bathroom. Some problems that arise within home plumbing are hard to detect because homeowners may not understand potential causes. One part of the plumbing system that could cause you endless problems is the venting. The drain lines that run through your home and drain wastewater need proper venting to function properly. Faulty plumbing vents can lead to several problems that require the expertise of a plumber to check them out. Before finding experienced plumbing services, there are a few things to learn about plumbing vents. Why they are vital Vents in the plumbing system lead to an outside area such as the roof or the back. The function of these vents is to keep sewer gases away from the drain pipes.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Hot Water Tanks 101: Understanding How Water Heater Elements Function

Without a functional water heater, you would have to deal with cold showers, which are not pleasant. It’s always essential to evaluate the condition of a water heater now and then to make sure nothing is wrong. Saskatoon homeowners have to deal with various problems that heaters face during their lifetime. Understanding the functioning of a water heater will aid in providing it with the care it needs. It will also be easier to call for specific HVAC services when you notice a problem. Here is a look at water heater thermostats and elements. What they Do Most electric water heaters in Saskatoon have two elements, upper and lower. The thermostat is what connects to an element. Two elements require town thermostats. When there is a problem with the thermostats/element feature, then a water heater may not provide enough hot water.

Prevent Drain Blockages With Common Sense and Saskatoon Drain Cleaners

Saskatoon drain cleaners very often have a hard job; the majority of any drain cleaning job is reactive, in that it's clearing away the result of months, even years of buildup in drain and guttering systems, when the problem could easily have been alleviated, or even prevented, in the first place. But it is still surprising how many people do not know how to proactively keep their drain systems clean, and there are many reasons why this should be a priority. But just how can someone be mindful during their day-to-day tasks? Avoid Pouring Fat Away An alarming amount of commercial premises that serve food, and just as many residential customers, require Saskatoon drain cleaning services as fat build up has clogged their drains. It may seem like the easy option to pour away boiling hot liquid into a plug hole, but it won't stay hot forever.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Saskatoon Plumbing Tips: Dealing with Discoloured Water from a Heater

Water heater problems can have you running around the house looking for the emergency number of a plumber. Various issues may arise with your water heater, and it always helps to be ready. You should know that just because a water heater is experiencing problems does not mean that it needs replacing. It may be that you are not providing the right care or it just needs a few repairs. One issue that you may encounter during the life of your water heater is discoloured water. Is it Really the Heater? Understanding what causes water discolouration in water heaters will help you find the right services in Saskatoon to provide solutions. When you realize that the water in your home has a strange colour, which is mostly brown, first establish if you are dealing with a water heater problem.

When Your Drain Smells, It’s Time to Call a Trusted Saskatoon Plumber

We all know drains are vital to both our homes and business premises, and when something goes wrong in your drains, they can wreak havoc. Detecting the signs of a malfunctioning drain early can reduce the damage it may cause to your home or business establishment, and save you a lot of money at the same time. When you notice that your house or business has a smelly drain, it is one of the earliest warning signs of a drain problem. Get in touch with a trusted Saskatoon plumber like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. to inspect your plumbing system and provide you with solutions.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Telltale Signs that Your Water Heaters in Saskatoon Need Replacement

There are two different types of water heaters; the tank water heater and the tankless one. With a heater that has a tank, it’s job is to both heat your water and store heated water ready for use in an insulated tank. Here we are discussing the possible issues with a tank water heater and how to spot them early on. Top Signs That Your Water Heater Might Need Replacing When your water heater at your home or workplace is functioning perfectly, you will probably not even notice that it is there; rest assured that you will notice that it has broken down when your morning show goes cold half way through. Below are the major telltale signs that will let you know that you need to call a professional.

Friday, 11 March 2016

The Best Time to Use Expert Drain Cleaning Services in Saskatoon

The drainage system is a vital part of your plumbing. A clog in one pipe may cause you unimaginable problems. There are several reasons for drainage problems. The accumulation of grease and food remains in a kitchen sink is pretty common. For bathrooms, soap scum and hair can be devastating to the water-out system in your home. Knowing how to spot trouble with your drainage system can save you a lot of money in damages and repairs. You will also know when to call your Saskatoon drain cleaning expert. Percolating Sounds One very common symptom that you may have a problem with your drainage is a gurgling sound. The sound is usually a result of water backing out of the main sewer line.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Saskatoon Plumbing Services are the Best Choice for Drain Cleaning

The plumbing system within the home is given little consideration by most homeowners as pipes and drains are largely unseen.However, the truth is that they play a huge role in keeping water flowing and eliminating waste. Blocked pipes and drains will prevent water and waste being removed from the home and this can cause serious problems such as unpleasant odours, leaks and flooding that can all result in costly repair bills. The good news is that these problems are easily avoided by hiring a professional Saskatoon plumbing service to carry out regular drain maintenance and cleaning. Common Causes of Draining Problems Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems within the home and most blockages are caused by a buildup of dirt, rubbish and residue.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Why Professional Saskatoon Plumbing Firms Should be Chosen

As many property owners are already aware, not all plumbers in Saskatoon offer the same level of quality and reliability. Although it may appear reasonable to pay rock-bottom prices, the fact of the matter is that this is often more of a problem than a solution. Not only will further repairs likely be needed, but fly-by-night services may not provide robust guarantees. Professional plumbers are obviously the most reasonable option. Innovations The best plumbers in the region offer countless turnkey solutions which are designed to address the unique plumbing needs of the Saskatoon home. Efficient taps, low-flow shower heads and other devices enable the owner to save hundreds of dollars every year. Additionally, these systems are built to last. They normally require little maintenance and if a problem occurs, the firm will rectify any issues.

Friday, 4 March 2016

How to Troubleshoot Water Heaters Producing Insufficient Hot Water

Living without a hot water tank or a water heater in your home may be nearly impossible. A faulty water heater or hot water tank can also ruin your whole week. It may be hard to know if your water heater has a problem if you don’t know what to look for. Having a clue about the potential problems of hot water tanks and heaters can save you money and time. It will be easy to call in a plumber in Saskatoon when you know what you are dealing with. It is advisable to troubleshoot your heater and check your hot water tank regularly. Checking the Connection The way you troubleshoot your heater will depend on whether it’s electric or gas. Gas heaters are risky when faulty because of the potential dangers that come with gas. One problem that you can expect is not having enough hot water.

Innovations in the Drain Cleaning Industry that Make Your Life Easier

The drainage system is as important as the water supply system in a building. You cannot have one without the other. A lot of things go through the drain pipes, and that is why sometimes they can have blockages. Some particles may be too thick to find their way through the pipes and may end up sticking to the sides. Grease and food remains from kitchen sinks are good examples. When drainage systems get blockages, then it’s time to clean them. Cleaning of drainage systems has seen an impressive improvement over the years. It is entirely different from the 19th Century when rods and buckets were the best tools for their cleaning. When hiring a plumber in to do the cleaning in your home, or a place of business, you can expect quality work. One of the enhancements is in the cleaning products that plumbers use today.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Plumbers on the Common Causes of Bathroom Clogs in Saskatoon Homes

Homeowners in Saskatoon have had to deal with the dreadful experiences when they encounter flooded bathrooms. Most residents have had to make frantic calls to plumbing professionals to come and help them in clearing such problems that often result in smelly and slimy water. Causes of Bathroom Clogging In most homes, the leading causes of clogged drains are hair, skin flakes and dirt that gets bound in soap scum that is found in drain pipes. After some time, all these accumulate, resulting in gunk that eventually blocks the flow of water. You can eradicate this problem by removing and cleaning the drain stopper. In severe cases, you might have to call in plumbers to help unclog the drain using a drain plunger. The plumber might have to remove the elbow joint to clean it out.

Plumbing Experts: Get Rid of Commercial Drain Cleaners in Your Home

Unclogging blocked drains in your Saskatoon property can be dangerous when opting for commercial drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are some of the most toxic solutions likely to be kept around the home. Sodium hydroxide is a primary ingredient, it's caustic and can cause burns or irritate lungs. When you have young children or toddlers in the home, keeping chemicals of this nature is really inadvisable. Anyway, you don't need to keep these toxic cleaners in the home, if you follow a few simple steps to keep your home or office pipes and drains clear and in emergencies your Saskatoon plumber will always be on hand to clear up blocked drains, sewers, pipes or sort out flooding.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Drain Cleaning is Essential to the Maintenance of your Home

Drain clogs have many origins and form in many ways. The leading causes are organic debris like soap scum, hair products, and other substances that you flush in tubs, showers and sinks. Clogs also result from dissolved minerals deposited into the pipes and valves. Plumbers play vital roles in safeguarding your health and protecting your drain system. If you think about a neighbourhood with an inappropriate sewage and sanitation system, you will realize how crucial plumbers are in the society. The stench that emanates from such a system is usually repulsive. Regular plumbing services are vital for maintaining a home’s value in Saskatoon. A professional plumber repairs and maintains water heaters in Saskatoon, fixtures and pipes. You should ignore the urge to fix clogged pipes on your own because using too many chemicals or applying the wrong ones, can damage your pipes. A professional is always well-equipped with techniques and tools that eliminate clogs in your drains.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Drain Cleaning Can Help Saskatoon Homeowners Avoid Plumbing Issues

Although a clogged drain may sometimes appear to be only a minor problem, there can be grave consequences should it fail to be cleared properly. It should also be noted that while there are instances when a minor issue can be tackled by the owner, the only way to make certain that a drain is free from debris is to call a qualified professional. A Look “Behind the Scenes” When referring to plumbing solutions in areas such as Saskatoon, many articles will highlight the dangers of frozen pipes and the potential damages that can plague a property. There is no doubt that such instances are problems during the winter months. However, a drain which fails to allow water to exit can enhance the chances that a pipe will freeze; more water is naturally trapped inside. We should also recall that a clogged drain can be a rather “silent” killer, as it often goes unnoticed until it is completely blocked.