Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Running Toilet: One of the Most Common Plumbing Problems in Saskatoon

Unfortunately, as many people find out, one minute their toilet will be normally working, and then the next it makes a strange sound. Most homeowners know that something is wrong, yet many just hope it goes back to normal after a few more flushes. The odd sound is usually caused by the water continually filling the toilet tank up, even when the toilet has not been used at all. Plumbing professionals in Saskatoon or anywhere else might refer to this problem as the “running toilet”.

Ignoring the Problem Does Not Make it Go Away

The majority of homeowners let this “running toilet” situation carry on for months, and sometimes even years without calling a licensed Saskatoon plumber in to repair it. Unfortunately, in many cases, people tend not to take this issue as the major problem that it is, thinking that it doesn’t really have any significant effects.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Dealing with Water Discolouration and Bad Smells from Water Heaters

Water heaters may encounter various a range of problems throughout its lifespan. Water discolouration and foul smells are two such issues that may occur. One misconception that homeowners have is that discolouration or bad smells mean that an appliance needs replacing, which is not necessarily true unless a heater is very old. There are several reasons you may be dealing with such an issue at home, and a Saskatoon professional’s help can save you a lot of trouble.


Saskatoon Drain Cleaning Pros Discuss Proper House Drainage System

The drain system in your home has important functions to fulfil, which means that it has to be in the right state always. Having drain problems such as slow moving water in the bathroom, clogged sinks or leaking waste pipes is not uncommon in homes. The inconveniences you have to deal with depend on how fast you get a drain cleaning Saskatoon service and how well the maintenance is done.

As a homeowner, you should educate yourself about what makes up a proper drainage system so that when something is amiss, you will know if there’s a problem with it. Even with the expansive nature of a drain system, there are some basics you can keep in mind.


Friday, 5 August 2016

Deal with Water Hammer Problems with Help from Saskatoon Plumbing Pros

Water hammer is not a rare problem, and you may find yourself dealing with it at home, making it paramount to learn the causes and the possible solutions a Saskatoon plumbing expert may offer. Plumbing systems sometimes make noise during use, but water hammer refers to a distinct sound that resembles banging or thumping.

You will usually notice water hammer when closing a valve or during washer cycle changes. Normally, water flow will have a steady even, sound so it’s not hard to tell when there is a hammer in the pipes.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Minimize Storm Damage Risk to Your Property with Saskatoon Plumbing

No matter where you live in the world, the risk of flood damage is becoming an increasing problem. Residential areas, which for years have remained flood-free, are suddenly finding themselves underwater, and previously untouched properties are becoming subject to water damage.

Saskatoon is no different; the arrival of heavier than usual rain storms or greater amounts of snow melt means greater surface runoff and a rising water table. Where there is flooding, of course, it means that there is the threat of the spread of diseases, on top of lost or damaged property. Ignoring the problem until damp patches start to appear on walls, or basements begin collecting water, or worse, can turn out to be far more costly than taking preventive measures.