Thursday, 29 September 2016

Your Kitchen Sink Strainer: Drain Cleaning’s Day-to-Day Essential

Calling the plumbers shouldn’t be your main tactic for maintaining efficient drains. As a responsible homeowner, you can do day-to-day drain cleaning yourself, while leaving emergencies and extraordinary issues to Saskatoon drain cleaning pros.

Oftentimes, this simply means knowing how to properly use, install, and replace a very simple tool: the sink strainer.

Know your type

The sink strainer is the basket-like, catch-all apparatus plugged into a sink’s hole. It helps keep food particles, other waste, and even utensils and jewelry from going down the drain, preventing clogging, back-ups, and other problems. The proper use of strainers starts with recognizing which type you have – if you do have one installed (and you should!).


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