Sunday, 13 September 2015

Professional Drain Cleaning: When Plungers, Snakes Don’t Work on Clogs

Professional drain cleaning is almost always an inevitable last resort for any tenant or homeowner in Saskatoon and elsewhere. Quite often it happens that the kitchen or toilet drains get too dense with grease, fat, and soap buildups that water can no longer flow through, and the solution requires more than just a plunger. Sometimes, however, the cause of blockage is outside the home. Problems may occur between the house and the exterior environment. Clogged drains may also be caused by winter temperatures dipping as low as -12ºC. A congested drain can cause some unpleasant issues, from interior flooding to foul smells. In such serious cases, it’s best to have plumbing experts, with their technical knowledge and experience, to deal with the challenges.

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