Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Drain Cleaners Reveal the Most Common Things that can Clog your Drain

Time and again, homeowners have been warned to mind what they’re putting down the drain or flushing down their toilets, and time and again some of them simply forget to do so, resulting in said drains and toilets getting clogged. That in mind, what exactly should you not let into them? Professional drain cleaners reveal the biggest banes of a clean and working drain and offer expert tips on some ways you can get rid of them. The Big Four There are a lot of things that can go down your drain aside from water, but there are four things that make clogged drains possible, namely: hair, soap scum, coffee grounds and cooking grease. The latter in particular (which can come from cooking oil, butter or margarine, food scraps or even dairy products) tends to stick to the insides of your pipes, and can cause build up over time and block your home’s pipes.

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