Thursday, 16 April 2015

Saskatoon Drain Cleaning: Proper Toilet Management to Avoid Clogs

The toilet is one plumbing fixture in the house that is frequently used. It is flushed several times in a single day and at times, it can get to a point where it could get clogged and overflow. Nothing is more alarming than an overflowing toilet because it can ruin the floor and the toilet itself, not to mention it could leave a bad odour in the bathroom. More often than not, toilet blockages are due to certain items getting stuck in the pipes, making drain cleaning in Saskatoon difficult. A rule of thumb when using the toilet is to flush only once per use. More times than that and more water will be added to the tank, which can’t go anywhere and could lead to the overflow. If the water isn’t going down, attempts to flush the toilet can lead to more problems. The solution to this is to first turn off the water supply to the toilet before flushing it until needed. Putting newspapers or towels around the base of the toilet can absorb water from the overflow.

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