Friday, 31 October 2014

Regular Drain Cleaning in Saskatoon Helps You Avoid High Repair Bills

The fact that clogged drains are considered by insurance companies as a maintenance problem should tell you that regular drain cleaning for Saskatoon homes is an important task. Blockages that can cause your sewage to backup do not occur overnight after all. The obstructions usually develop from the accumulation of dirt and debris that enter the drains like hair, soap, grease, and leftover food. The grease sticks to the walls of the pipe and can catch various materials as they pass. The dirt eventually builds up and snags even more debris through the drain. Tree roots entering the pipe can be another cause for a sewer blockage. Tree roots look for water sources and a sewer line is a source; it may take time, but roots can enter the pipe and slowly grow to fill it.

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